Ladies You Can Tip Your Driver!

Ladies, if you have a personal driver, GTMG, say's a tip every now and again will definitely increase your daily safety commute!

So you ask, "what and why should I tip my driver?''

We're glad you asked that question.

We all know driving can be a very difficult tasks at times.

Driving consist of all sorts of skill settings and/or patience to ensure the safety of every vehicle that's on the road.

Let’s face it, We all are not equip and built for this task. If you don't agree, just pull your driving record and let it show, that along says a lot about your driving history.


(Male drivers)

(1). flashing

(2). leave limo privacy window crack

(3). buy breakfast that don’t come out his check

(Female driver)

(1) Wear Short skirts

Practicing these tips will definitely ensure your driver his or she services are well appreciated!

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