T-Pain "Look At Me" Video

Produced by T-Pain

"Enjoy this very well-lit, turd-quality selfie video," writes T-Pain in the opening credits to his new "Look at Me" video, which also functions as a promotion for the TY-LITE phone case, capable of lighting up the iPhone's field of view in order to capture a most lit selfie in the club. As for the quality, the models here aren't shown in the high-def that they are in Pain's usual visual fare, such last month's "Hundred Mo Dolla$." And that's because the entirety of the "Look at Me" video was shot on Pain's iPhone.

The track is a reflection of the selfie culture, as Pain sees beautiful women all around him, but none whose attention can be directed outside of the filtered mirrors on their cell phones. In the "Look at Me" video, Pain ventures into the locker room of one of his favorite clubs, and the room is left in total darkness save for the glow provided by the TY-LITE. Whilst all the models are attempting to get in the video, he jumps in front of them to beckon, "Look at me!" Pain's turnt-up shenanigans end up winning him the most camera time, though there were a few close calls. "This may very well be the most dangerous video I've shot in a minute," he told BuzzFeed. "I got kicked a few times. Fell once. Not my best moments."