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Domestic Violence Attacks Hip-Hop Mogul DJ Blingg's Old Neighborhood

Updated: Mar 26

Reality podcast disc jockey,

DJ Blingg recaps his most memorable moments shared while staying in his childhood residence which a Birmingham mother was killed in by her boyfriend due to the act of Domestic Violence.

Rideshare Sexual Assault

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Uber Sexual Assault Lawsuit


"We Had High Hopes & Planned on Building Our Recording Studio in the Basement."

"That's Where It All Started out for me as a Music Producer"


"We Had Planned on Building Our Recording Studio in the Basement."

"Me and my brother had visions of one day owning our very own recording studio to record our genre of music, so typically we would have to go and do little hustles and s**t in the neighborhood to get money to buy recording equipment for the production, "Damn", looking back on it I really did feel important because hustling... boy, that's a full-time job!!
Just weeks after moving into the new East-Side residency after our previous home before that was burned-out due to the house catching fire,
I remember my uncle calling offering me a summer job told me he'll pay me for the entire summer if I helped with a couple of jobs during the week, timing couldn't of been better the exact money was my fast-track towards tryna get back some of the things I had lost in the fire.”
“As a business man, we sure did need the extra funds!”​

Domestic Violence Awareness | 𝗦𝗽𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗼𝗿𝗲𝗱 A𝗱

"The money I made from my summer gig had scored our production company it's very first professional keyboard and competition monitors along with a couple of RCA cassette blank tapes.

DJ Blingg Helps Male in Arm Robbery!

"I ain't gonna hold you, everyday wasn't sweet on the East-Side of Birmingham"...
"I remember coming outside to chill on the front porch one day and witness a carjacking right there on the corner of 4th Avenue South right before my own eyes."

"At first I heard some loud commotion round on the side of the house then all of a sudden I heard tires pilling off.
I looked around the side of our house and saw a dark skinned male walking pass my moms crib approaching the intersection looking like he had been in some type of struggle, apparently he had been carjacked and needed some assistants and asked if he could use the phone to call the police."
S**t was mad crazy, I'll never forget it...

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