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BlastFM Blog & Radio to Help Soccer Mom Videos Reach One Million Hits

Updated: Jul 5, 2023


Soccer Mom Does A Quick Workout Twerk Video After Dropping Her Kids Off At Practice, BlastFM Blog's Push for Views as Promotion for Health & Fitness!

Soccer mom work-out tweak video break barriers after tweaking in the parking lot momentarily after dropping her kids off at practice. BlastFM Blog & Radio blasted her ethnicity as well-deserved and much-needed energy after her interactions with health and fitness amongst the youth.

This wife and mother of three went from 10,000 Instagram followers to over 2.3 million overnight. After dropping her two daughters off at Soccer practice, she gave her son her phone and told him to turn on Instagram stories and film for her. Then she dropped her cakes like it was hot in the middle of the school parking lot.


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