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DJ Blingg Spill the Beans After Getting Company Logo Trademarked

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

DJ Blingg Spill the Beans After Getting Company Logo Trademarked

Music Blog Mogul DJ Blingg Is Not Holding Back Any Unfired AMMO

The reality podcast rap Dj is not holding back any unfired ammo after spilling the beans for the future business adventurer for his entertainment networks and all of its affiliates with BlastFM Blog & Radio.

Publicists for BlastFM Blog & Radio have recorded that CEO DJ Blingg is at the forefront for finalizing the trademark with the USPTO for the company's logo at BlastFM and all other good deeds to whom are affiliated.

No Bullying Needed No Stylist No Blacklash!!

If You're the One to Stand for "Anti-Bullying" and Love to See Your Community or Any Other Community Prosper Then This Is The Nonprofit For You

We Care Kids Count Charity Organization is said to be the centerfold of BlastFM in its preparations for doing good while creating a brand for its social media platform with no restraints to radio broadcasting.

BlastFM Blog & Radio: “We feel times are changing and if we want to compete in the entertainment industry we must learn how to adapt."

TMIN: USPTO and Trademark Basics

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