DJ Blingg CT.3 Project Has Been Postponed Until Further Notice

Updated: Mar 29

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CT.3 Project Postponed:

G.T.M.G.R Trap Stars (Remastered)

Project to be in Works

Unfortunately the Reality Podcast Rap DJ long anticipated [EP] entitled Chicken Talk .3 (Baby Cook) project has been put on hold until further notice after source from BlastFM Blog's confirms saying he may have unfinished business with publications.


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DJ Blingg has not made any comments regarding the allegations of the postponing to CT.3 Baby Cook's project, Although he has confirmed that there will be a remastered edition to G.T.M.G.R "Trap Stars" Mixtape Series and which consist rap trios DJ Blingg, 1st Lady and Freak Nique.


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DJ Blingg even goes on record to say he'll go over the limits to get their Trap Stars Mixtape Series EP heard. He also acknowledges due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the fact that he has four weeks of down time to mix & remaster vintage LP's with new studio updated mastering plugins such as talks about limiters & EQ's to enhance the sound and quality for marketing.

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