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O.J. Simpson Speaks out to Paparazzi for the 1st Time About Being Kick out of Vegas Hotel!

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Paparazzi caught up with O.J. Simpson in the parking deck to dig the scoop over him getting banned from Vegas Hotel.

Hear what he has to say!...

Watch Full Video here >>tmz video<<


"It ain't right man, some things ain't right. NOTHING happened at the Cosmo.' If the legitimate media would pay any attention and take any time to double check any stories, instead of running with these stories by these tabloid's complete LYING, they're just totally lying to everybody. Then I gotta watch the legitimate media say 'O.J.'s going back to jail...O'J.'s broken his parole.' Well, their own tellers made it clear that the story that you saw on that tabloid show was wrong, was inaccurate.

Not only that...the parole guys, these poor guys *sighs*...I was in prison, I saw guys come and go. I know these guys gotta be overworked. these guys had to come and talk to me, they had to go to the hotel, and what did they find out? The story was totally bogus, I'm always nice to everybody. You can't find one person in this town, in any restaurant, or bar and wherever I've been- they all say I'm patient and I'm courteous and take pictures with everybody. And uh, as far as the Cosmo' go, hey, they don't want me to come there, I won't come there. *sighs* It ain't because I was rude, crude, or drunk, or broke a glass, or something. All of that was completely made up and you could ask anybody that work...that was a completely BOGUS story."




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