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DJ Blingg Says He's Very Much Attuned With His Sense Of Fashion

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

​Some may say GTMGR leader, DJ Blingg maybe slightly off his rocket after spotting him at an in-laws birthday party dressed awkwardly.


It's said, he was dressed like he'd been fighting with a big bull before attending the festivities wearing ragged jean shorts with red All Star Converse Sneakers and a red & white baseball t-shirt with a black Miami Heats fitted cap.

It's Its well understood that there may not have been any dress attire requirements.


Just by looking at the jean shorts he was wearing, 'ragged jean shorts' DEFINED the description of the jean shorts very well. It's thought to be believed that he designed the entire outfit himself. Based on the information sources tell us that the ragged jean shorts he was allegedly wearing had been an old pair of jean pants he'd had for almost ten years miraculously since then got converted over into jean shorts.

The baseball shirt had been bought from the thrift store as a three for five bargain deal that he would then apply his name brand on the back, some have yet to reason with DJ Blingg's sense of fashion.

Instead, fans are starting to embrace his state of fashion as a way of being unique, calling it a way of expressing self through fashion.

Whatever the case may have it, let's keep in mind, DJ Blingg's way of marketing and promoting has always been at question.

Before we start throwing shots at the podcast rap DJ, let's keep in mind that he is very successful at what he does and it's nothing for him to get back in the studio push the record button and remind us as to why he is who he is and why he does what he does.

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