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DJ Blingg Give the Rundown Behind - Chicken Talk [Ep]

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

RadioBlastFM fans flooded the email list months ago when Dj Blingg released Chicken Talk via Soundcloud. Fans love to hear exclusive content from GTMGR and we love to give'em all the juice recapping the moments & state of mind behind the artist records. BlastFM Blog & Radio were finally able to get the rundown on the record with an exclusive interview with DJ Blingg asking all the fun questions fans wanted to hear.


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RadioBlastFM: What does the song titled Chicken Talk represents and stand for?


DJ Blingg:

The song Chicken Talk represents a strong lingo amongst people of the same dialect and the title just fit right for the directions the songs were going in relative to the project.


Fans love the records and they are astounded by the writing and creativity that the record holds. Fans would love to hear the state of mind when writing the very first verse to Chicken Talk LP that reads "Doin tha dishes in the kitchen watch me flip a bird fulling up my cup with a 5th of syrup"?

DJ Blingg:

I was very indirect with the storyline itself, I may have wrote a verse that very well-meant multiple events in one setting. My hopes and intentions were to give my listeners a place in their mind when that verse happened to them in their life, maybe in a childhood experience when your parents made you clean the kitchen, or even in your place where you conduct business, you may have seen the movie ATL when T.I little brother Ant was serving in the car outside the skating rink, Yeah that movie said it best. I'm a visionary writer and I try to write music for all to see, that's what music is about.

Man I Don't Understand A Word Dat U Be Sayin'



Fans also wanted to asks why haven't you shot any music videos?

DJ Blingg:

Well GTMGR as you know is an independent record label. We have funding for what's most important for us at this time and my managers don't yet see a investment to capitalize on to be spending unnecessary funds. My organization are still looking for business partners to excel in a adventure to higher heights.


We very well know you are a very busy man and you know what's best for your team, we wish you well in the music business as well as in other adventures with your involvement.

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