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Young Thugger is Definitely in the Running for Brother of the Year

Thugger supposedly bought houses and cars for all his siblings. A day after the rapper was scrutinized for his Chance The Rapper and Prince comparisons, he was seen giving his younger sister a car. Word on the web is the rapper reportedly bought all of his siblings cars and homes because of, love.


Thugger, previously opened up to Rolling Stone about his struggles growing up with a single mother, the rapper stated he's lived in a housing project and his family was considered as being unfortunate. He and his siblings later ran into trouble with the law multiple times, leading to the death of one of his brothers. Thugger sisters Dorothea and Alexis Grier tells reporters they've always looked out for each other, and their still like that to this day.

The rapper in fact keeps his family pretty close since they make up his entourage and travel with him when he’s on tour.


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