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T.I's Wife Tiny Address Scandal After a Fake Facebook Page Emerges

Updated: Mar 22, 2021


You may have heard a lot of stories over the last few days about rapper Ti & his wifey Tiny. It's said Ti's wife Tiny was allegedly caught partying with long-time friend Floyd Mayweather at a recent holiday party.

Apparently, social media is having a blast of a time running false stories perpetrating that theres some kind of marriage scandal going on in the Harris household.

After a fake Facebook page surface of Tiny allocating that her and T.I are officially done, Tiny went to twitter to address the false accusations while T.I rep's on instagram with a bold statement.


"I hate when people assume shit cause of something they've seen on social media. If you want to know ask, that way when you find out the truth you won't look/feel like an ass."


Fake post ↓↓

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