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Gotta Invest A Little Smarter: Master P Buying SoundCloud Plays Is a Lesson for All Artists

Updated: Mar 21, 2021


Master P is a legend, a 26-year veteran of the hip-hop game who has sold millions of albums and still keeping our blog post lite.


On January 6, Master P's No Limit Forever Records, a newfangled version of the old No Limit Records that is headed up by his son Romeo, released a compilation album entitled We All We Got, which features 11 of the label's 30 rostered artists.

Did anyone else realize No Limit was still releasing music or that they've continued to sign artists for the past six years? Yeah, didn't think so.


In addition to being made available for digital purchase on iTunes, We All We Got is currently available for stream on SoundCloud. A quick glance at the SoundCloud page shows stream counts ranging from 51k plays all the way up to 140k plays.

Considering the album was uploaded only four days ago, and contains no truly marketable acts—at least by 2017 standards—if you didn't know any better you'd assume the project is performing exceedingly well, right?


Notes: For as long as streaming services have been around, artists have employed hired-for bots to artificially boost their stream counts. The thought process behind this scam is simple: If I boost my play count, it will draw attention to my music, and since more attention will mean real plays, I'll be able to build up a fan base who believes I'm already popping.

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