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DJ Blingg & Recording Partner Freak Nique Drops Hot New Bangers to Kick Off 2021

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"Chewin" & Bubble Gum Head


Presenting never before heard music exclusively with BlastFM Blog’s, fans and listeners can diversely get into the mind and lifestyle of the everyday east-side residers as rapper "Freak Nique" & rap poet "DJ Blingg" of GTMG spit lyrical facts about the everyday funk coming outta the east-side of B'Ham, Al.

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DJ Blingg says it to be true that there ain't no short cut to the big leagues after reppin hard on his new track entitled

"Levels 2 Da Game"

Are you headed to the top, if so, you and the reality podcast rap star new studio banger entitled 'Levels 2 Da Game' & 'Bubble Gum Head' might be headed in the same direction after introducing his album & EP entitled

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It Cost To Talk $hit

DJ Blingg has gone on wax to spit game to lames, suckas and short runners who seems to keep coming up short inconsistently time and time again putting the rap DJ right back on top of things expeditiously releasing his latest studio production entitled "Levels 2 Da Game".

"I told you so, it's not a secret anymore that if you really wanna make it to the top coming from the bottom you gotta go through all kinds of battles and tests, but you can't be playing to lose you gotta win them ALL.
There are levels!"

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