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Trick Daddy Goes Ham During Facebook Live Rant!

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Trick Daddy goes ham on a female live from Facebook after she left a comment mentioning Trick's name. The rapper has posted a series of videos of thoughts on life, ruffling a few feathers in the process according to other social media sources.

During Trick's rant from the looks of it, a commenter took one of his rants personal and emotional Trick wasn't so happy about what she had to say.

Girl that had BEEF with Trick Daddy gets JUMPED (FOOTAGE)

They say this is where it all started and how Lattie ended up getting jumped:


The video below to what happened.

“Who this h** talking to? Tell that b***h I’m live!” the rapper said. “Tell that b***h to keep my name out your mouth, b***h…before I stick a pistol in your mouth. P***y a** hoe. You better keep my name out your muthaf**kin’ mouth, p***y a** b***h.”

Here's the chick Trick Daddy was speaking too

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