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DJ Blingg LP Robbed from Being Voted for Most Hardest Gangsta Rap Record of All Times!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021


Reality Podcast Rap 'Dj' "Back 2 da Block" LP was somehow Robbed from being voted most Hardest Gangsta Rap record Of all Times amongst ‘Ice-T’ "Cop Killer" and Straight Outta Compton 'NWA' "Fuck The Police".


DJ Blingg is still arguing that he's the goat of gangsta rap after putting his LP "Back 2 Da Block" (B2DB) on wax after stepping down on his rap sheet vigorously putting it on blast.

DJ Blingg content has proven to be ruthless after proving that he's a hard hitter who uses his platform to reflect on police brutality, social injustice and other endeavors which hinders the everyday hard-working citizen from speaking out for change and how they really and truly feel about what's actually taking place in the urban hearts of America without holding any hostages at will.

N.W.A. - Express Yourself


Right about now, N.W.A. court is in full effect Judge Dre presiding In the case of N.W.A. versus the Police Department Prosecuting attorneys are; MC Ren, Ice Cube, And Eazy-motherfucking-E Order, order, order!

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