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Reality Podcast Star DJ Blingg Admits to Having Fears

Updated: May 21, 2021


DJ Blingg Admits That He Has Fears

DJ Blingg sure does has his head on straight after being asked one of the most manipulable questions ever doing an exclusive interview with BlastFM Blog & Radio.


"What's Your Greatest & Biggest Fear?"

Out of all other things to fear, DJ Blingg admits he's scared straight of the IRS.

Following the podcast rap dj on any of his social media outlets, notice that he'll make a status update every tax season roasting at how it's been the most stressful times in his adult life.

"It's even more spooky and very uncomfortable to be told or even to be considered an audited candidate."


DJ Blingg Goes on Saying He's Yet To Understand How the Whole System Even Works

DJ Blingg state that he has seen the IRS go ham over the past couple of years and he just doesn't think he's prepared for the up incoming filing season.

He also stated that he recently had to lay off his accounting team for personal reasons and that he still hasn't recovered from his previous tax filing experience arguing his funds weren't available and that he took a loss.

He sends out a little message to the IRS asking to please be a little gentle with him this tax season because he still doesn't have a prescription for the medication that he needs for the high levels of stress.

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