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Nerds Are Targeted by Bullies, DJ Blingg Says He Wants to See Change

Updated: Jan 15

The reality podcast host, DJ Blingg, has exclusively stated that he's had enough of bullying and is determined to see a change. He is resolute in his desire to see it stopped expeditiously.


-No Bullying Needed-

Reality podcast rap star DJ Blingg says he's no stranger to advocating the importance of anti-bullying and its effects on our youth, as well as on the lives of adults who may have fallen victim to this profound adversary. Some individuals may not be defined or respected for who they choose to be in urban society, and DJ Blingg aims to address this issue.


DJ Blingg argues that nerdy dress socks, flooded ankle pants, and double lens framed eyeglasses are now at the forefront of his anti-bullying agenda. He emphasizes that people should not be judged for their attire or feel pressured to conform to what he calls "lames." He uses his non-profit organization, WCKC, to advocate for bringing awareness to bullying and the devastation it causes in low-income neighborhoods.

DJ Blingg took to Instagram to express his concerns and remind his fellow bloggers and listeners about the impact of bullying on our society and networks. He aims to advocate for positive change for the benefit of those who are or could be affected.

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