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DJ Blingg to Donate Album Proceeds to Charity

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

While in the Mix of Doing Good

The Reality Podcast Rapper, DJ Blingg has already dedicated all proceeds made from his 2nd found solo project (Chicken Talk .2) is to be donated to his very own charity organization WCKC (We Care Kids Count).

DJ Blingg has release another one of his new self produced company albums entitled (Chicken Talk .2 Greatest Hits) exclusively with BlastFM Blog & Radio.

DJ Blingg New Chicken Talk .2 (Greatest Hits) Project Stream & Download

After revealing that he was in the studio working on his new follow up project, it's said that this album (CT.2) could be the kickoff to a series of Chicken Talk's to come dedicating his 2nd found studio project as his Greatest Hits.

(Yay or Nay)... Check it out for yourself, let us know what you think by dropping a comment down below in the comment tab.

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