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'Belly' Actor Louie Rankin Reportedly Dies Following a Fatal Car Crash

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Rankin is best known for his role as Jamaican drug lord Lennox aka Ox in Belly, the 1998 film that follows friends Tommy Brown (Early "DMX" Simmons) and Sincere (Nasir "Nas" Jones) as they rethink their lives as drug dealers in New York City.

'Belly' Actor Louie Rankin Dies Following Fatal Car Crash

Sad to report Jamaican actor and Grammy Award-winning artist Louie Rankin has died. The star died following a car crash in Canada on Monday, social media reports.

Based on a photo of the car wreck, obtained by TMZ, the passenger vehicle is completely torn to shreds. Cops are still investigating the exact cause of the collision, though.

Bumbaclaat Ox from the movie Belly


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