DJ Blingg Debuts Pre Track Single for CT.3 (Baby Cook) Project

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

GTMGR's Head Coach DJ BLINGG Debuts His Pre Track Single from Off His CT.3 (Baby Cook) Project Listen & Download

The reality podcast "DJ" delivers his hot new banger entitled Beef (Don't Like Me) just in time to promote his said to be 3rd studio album - Chicken Talk .3 (Baby Cook).

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Rather it be chicken or beef, DJ Blingg hold no bars when he's in the kitchen cooking up hit records. DJ Blingg took to Pro Tools to address the situation at hand regarding his new project CT.3 (Baby Cook).

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Still with no release date set for the album, DJ Blingg stresses to BlastFM Blogs doing a rant over twitter lashing at BlastFM entertainment spokesperson suggesting that he put a release date on his project only just to build on anticipation, hype and drama following his album art cover release.

After being asked by hip hop/rap blog fans if DJ Blingg wrote any if all of his music, BlastFM fans wants to know what's his process in picking out his album singles before submitting for promotions? DJ Blingg replied to BlastFM,

“No Comment”, only to call BlastFM Studios for an exclusive interview ranting at BlastFM executive.


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Although we don't have info on if his CT.3 (Baby Cook) project has a budget or not, It Cost 2 Talk $hit (IC2T$) presents yet another hard hitting production threatening to put an end to the BEEF once and for all.

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"S/o to #GoBlog and #BlastFM Blog & Radio...

But Put a date on it"

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