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Can Hip Hop Influence The 2024 Presidential Election, BlastfM Blog’s Weighs In

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Bernie Sanders walks out to Travis Scott & Young Thug’s “Pick Up The Phone” for his campaign speech!



BlastFM Blogs Pushing for Their Nonprofit Organization Amongst All Parties

BlastFM Blog's says they may have found a potential professional presidential candidate to endorse. Representing predominantly for (We Care Kids Count) nonprofit as its agenda toward sparking conversation towards its next big propaganda, urban cultured content in a sense, not only could be of a value in small advertising markets but should be of an incentive.

Hip Hop's Entertainment News & Blog and all of their organizations are set and willing to endorse any political party that has a plan set forth for tackling key issues to what they feel are keynotes to their political agenda.

The Publishing Platform Enlightens,

— Our candidate first & foremost must be a fan of the people‘s voice in terms of acknowledging and understanding economic development professionally for which it stands.

Overall, BlastFM Blog spokesperson hypothesizes

their candidate's biggest docket highlights delegates that the parties essential value addresses for education as first priority uttering, "teachers are still the modern-day heroes".

Teachers are still the modern-day heroes heroically we would delightedly plan to keep it that way.

Although our organizations have had some rough quarters due to the fact of policies and restrictions we can proudly
say we’ve overcome some tough optical and doubts, alerting as it all must seem we’re still searching for many answers.
In fact, with the2024 runoff deadline rapidly approaching we do hope that we can find a chosen suitable candidate to practice, utilize and exercise our agendas at hand.


BlastFM‘s podcast disc jockey, DJ Blingg wasted no time submitting his track entitled

“GET YOUR STRAIGHT” adding his two cents to the mix after being asked by BlastFM News & Blog Feeds his vibes about the 2024 election.



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