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DJ Blingg Doesn't Want to Be Considered as a Rapper, Consider him a Poet

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

DJ Blingg goes off the record to let bloggers know that he's not a rapper, never was, and never will be. DJ Blingg reached out to BlastFM Blog & Radio to let fans and supporters know exclusively that he's not a rapper.

DJ Blingg states that he's a poet and he writes his music from what he has experienced and/or has gone through in his life metaphorically...

DJ Blingg explains why his sound is original and stands far out from others who may be following the same sound that trends time after time causing him to fall back!

The podcast rap disc jockey by far say he is still one of the coldest storytellers in the game after ranking himself amongst platinum selling artist in the hip hop industry mentioning names like Mr.Biggs from the The Isley Brothers, R.Kelly even torn respect for the masterminds of hip hop storytelling MC’s like Master P, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane & Ice T amongst some of the greatest to ever write an entertaining story with drama that would have music genres on edge.

'DJ Blingg Considers himself as being the next Spike Lee' of Hip Hop...

Let's not get him or his music catalog twisted with small-town media outlets or cable networks.


Some of whom may know of the podcast DJ from a young aspiring rapper relatively from a small metro town located in Alabama called Birmingham, others may know of him through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, and other social media beta outlets that he may be using to promote his entities of BlastFM’s website.


Nevertheless, the very next time you bring DJ Blingg's name up, come to reality with yourself and don’t mess around with this, it’s a no-brainer he says, don't get him confused with any of the industrial revolutionary artists because he's not of the same kind. Once mentioned, it's been noted to consider him a poet, not a rapper.




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