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DJ Blingg Accepts Billiard Exhibitions from Any Challenger

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

DJ Blingg Sends Out An Open Billiard Challenge





There's a twist when playing a friendly game of billiard with the reality podcast rap star DJ Blingg.

If you know of the podcast star then you should know his love for billiard can be downright outrageous, It's said he likes to think that no one in the world can beat him when it comes to an exhibition game of billiard.

DJ Blingg's billiard ego reigns supreme over any competitor that stands in his way and he says he welcomes anyone with an open challenge to an exhibition of a game of billiard.

DJ Blingg's ego in billiard is so serious that he even orders trophies for anyone who thinks that they can beat him in a mini semi billiard tournament.

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