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DJ Blingg Argues Being in Law Enforcement May Not Be a Good Occupation of Choice

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

DJ Blingg says he's been in a state of shock over the past few weeks after hearing all the cop slaying stories taking place across social media and local news television.

DJ Blingg say he has yet to believe the content that he's been witnessing and as a result, he may be considering more therapy and treatment to help fight the high volume on fear he say he's gained from police over the many years from his young adult life all the way up until now.

The podcast star has had countless run-ins with city and local police officials stating non were do to anyone calling for any dispute where he was not the victim.

BlastFM Blogger quick interview w/ DJ Blingg; If you had a chance to rewrite how law enforcement would approach a new generation, describe what solid foundations you would consider they start to build at first?


DJ Blingg answer was simple and plan;

"If you would've asked me that 20 years ago I'd had a better answer for you".

A video taken by a bystander shows a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on a man's neck as the man repeatedly says he cannot breathe. The man eventually became unresponsive and later died at the hospital.






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