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DJ Blingg (Remastered) CT.3 Baby Cook Project Due for Delivery

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

DJ Blingg new bonus tracks entitled "Put You on Game" "Big Booty Judy" & a few of his skits, all and which he say will drop with the release to his all new deluxe tape Chicken Talk 3.0: Baby Cook Project (Remastered).



You may have heard it once, but let me tell you again! DJ Blingg has gone on wax to spit game to all the lames, suckas and short runners who seems to keep coming up short inconsistently time and time again putting the rap DJ right back on top of things expeditiously.

Still threatening to release his hot new bangers produced while cooped up during quarantine, the podcast rap Dj latest studio production entitled - Chicken Talk .3 has took it's turn for the good after BlastFM Bloggers reported that the podcast rap Dj's (CT.3) album is in the works for a professional remastered deluxe edition package.


Stream Bonus Track From The Podcast DJ's All New (Remastered) CT.3 Album Below



DJ BLINGG - (CHICKEN TALK 3.0) [Now Available]




After going on record saying he'll go over the limits to get GTMG's Trap Stars Mixtape Series EP heard, the podcast DJ acknowledges due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the fact that he has endless amounts of down time to mix & remaster vintage LP's with new studio updated mastering plugins such as talks about limiters & EQ's only to enhance the sound and quality for marketing and promotions.

BlastFM Blogs still hasn't made any comments regarding DJB's announcement allegations as to presenting the release of his new EP, Although they've confirmed that there will be a remastered edition works in place for G.T.M.G.R "Trap Stars" Mixtape Series and which he supposedly did a deal with BlastFM Blogs to Executive Produce the project whom consist rap trios DJ Blingg, 1st Lady and Freak Nique.



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