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DJ Blingg Roasted For Having Ashy Elbow During Video Set

Updated: Jan 15

During a recent video set, DJ Blingg found himself in a "sticky" situation when his ashy elbow made a surprise appearance, stealing the spotlight from the music. As the cameras rolled, the notorious elbow took on a life of its own, sparking a wave of comments and roasts from fans and colleagues alike. Despite his best efforts to "scratch" the issue away, the elusive ashiness persisted, cementing its status as the unexpected star of the show. DJ Blingg's elbow may need some extra TLC, but it's certainly left a lasting impression on the entertainment world!

Roasted!! Da Reality Podcast Rap Disc Jockey, DJ Blingg got put on blast on set for having an ashy elbow during a video shoot.

Although he admits to falling short in prepping for his shot, he disregards his management for the mishap stating, getting to the bag is the whole mission from the start.

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DJ Blingg - Solemnly Swear (Hidden Valley) Full Album Review

New Music

Seems like the reality podcast rap disc jockey has put together yet another album announcing the release of his new studio project entitled - Solemnly Swear (Hidden Valley).

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Solemnly Swear (Hidden Valley)







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