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DJ Blingg - Store Runnas Playlist Mixtape | OUT NOW | Listen Here

Updated: Apr 2

DON'T Downplay DJ Blingg's New Podcast MIXTAPE

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"DJ Blingg Store Runnas Playlist Mixtape: What Are the Top Tracks You Need to Listen to Right Now?

"How to Create the Ultimate Store Runnas Playlist Mixtape"


"Unleash Your Inner Party Animal with DJ Blingg's Store Runnas Playlist Mixtape - Available Now on Music Platforms"


Top 3 tracks to listen to on this project definitely has an edge you can bet on...


BlastfM Blog & Radio has their ears wrapped around three tracks that new fans and listers should be looking out for on
DJ Blingg's newly released project Store Runnas Playlist Mixtape.

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Three hot bangers rap bloggers suggested that listers should check out - DJ Blingg - "Ain't No Money" which should give listers a quick rundown about what this podcast rap disc jockey is all about, 'No Frontin'. Track number two, should definitely be track (7). City Popping w/ King B of **AFG** along with track (5). I'm Gone Stay, in its relevancy on vibes.

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DJ Blingg - Latest Entertainment Podcast

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The original composer of reality podcast rap fairly has considered himself one of the emperors of the funk genre & has composed yet another original box office album to add to his self-profane podcast rap EP.





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