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DJ Blingg Stresses He’s The Mastermind Behind Rapper Jeezy’s LP

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

DJ Blingg stresses he’s the mastermind behind American rapper Young Jeezy’s LP entitled - Beautiful Ft. The Game & Rick Ross!!

DJ Blingg Has Gone on Record to Express How He Feels About His Material Being Boosted & Stolen by Other Artists and Producers

The thirty-one-year-old producer says he was shocked when he first heard Jeezy’s track entitled ‘Beautiful’ feat.‘The Game’ and ‘Rick Ross’, auguring that it was his material which somehow had gotten link out by default.


" Yeah, I’ve heard the record a couple of times and it's still a no-brainer. I’m not convinced that I still masterminded the tempo for the sample in order to lay a drum pattern and the first place which we all know can take serious spending time in the studio when productions in play, but for someone else to get the credit it’s just a no-brainer for me."
"The original sample that I had formatted was only supposed to be an intro track to a project that I was working on called, “Truth Be Told”, But that deal ended up getting put on the back burner."

"Awkwardly, due to the nature of the content in and of itself somehow the project got linked out by default which exposed some exclusive material that wasn’t ready for playback."


"We do it all the time, sometimes we hear the same grooves & samples which inspires us to jump to the studio just to see if we could cook some shit up.
I’m not salty at all about it, in fact, honestly to tell you the truth...
I respect every hip-hop producer hustle & flow,
I’m not gonna try to stop anyone who's out here trying to do big things with their music career."
This just lets me know that its mad competition out here and it's time to tighten up on my P.I.M.P
You Digg."

Stream Below: Young Jeezy ‘Beautiful’ feat.The Game & Rick ↓ ↓ ↓


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