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Drake at Travis Scott's Astroworld Concert Ending In Tragedy Leaving 8 People Dead

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

At least eight people were reportedly killed at the Houston music festival led to hundreds being crushed and injured leaving the venue & show performers slammed with lawsuits, the defendants were said to include rappers Travis Scott and Drake and venue and entertainment company Live Nation. Two of the suits are seeking $1 million in damages.


Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña Said, A Crowd Surge Occurred During Scott's Performance At Astroworld Concert

The suit alleges that Travis Scott, "had incited mayhem at prior events," and says that other defendants didn't take proper actions to prevent Scott's behavior from starting a riot.

It also claims Drake, who appeared as a surprise performer had helped incite the crowd knowing of [Scott's] prior conduct but instead continued to perform on stage while the crowd mayhem continued.

A crowd surge occurred during Scott's performance on Friday night, when concertgoers started to "compress" toward the stage, Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña said early Saturday. "That caused some panic, and it started causing some injuries," Peña said. At least eight people, including two teenagers, were killed and dozens were hospitalized.




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