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Hip Hop Reps Declare KRS-ONE as Winner of VERZUZ Battle Between Opponent Big Daddy Kane

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

KRS's unpredictable performance has his name ringing supreme across social media after his epic Verzuz-Battle between Big Daddy Kane ended in somewhat of a draw.


Busta Rhymes Declares KRS ONE as Winner of Verzuz-Battle


After Busta Rhymes took to the stage after the Verzuz battle justifying that he needs a worthy opponent to battle him only pleading for a Verzuz opponent, Busta not mentioning any names during his hypeman rant,

In so many words, not only did Busta Rhymes go on to say "KRS-ONE" won the battle Verzuz but instead issues out a challenge while on set and dropping the mic on the stage after walking off declaring KRS-ONE as the winner of the Verzuz.


After having witnessed a toe-to-toe, round-for-round, good old fashion dog fight of a Verzuz-Battle between "Big Daddy Kane" & "KRS ONE", We're still undecided on who took the "L" & who got the "W". Rap critics tap-in and let us know whats your thoughts about the Verzuz?



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