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K. Michelle Called Locals Bombs After Responding to Ongoing Feud & Backlash

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

R&B singer K. Michelle blasted off on nearby paparazzi's over some type of mistaken identity stating that the R&B singer never networks with up and coming artist from her city. The singer has since had some type of feud with rapper MoneyBagg Yo and his girlfriend Ari Fletcher and which bloggers are saying MoneyBagg Yo has tried to get with K. Michelle countless of times all and which K. Michelle states were all rejected.

MoneyBagg Yo would respond after blasting off on singer K. Michelle stating he's never made any attempts at networking with the singer and never had any intentions on doing so. On a higher note fans find old video of Moneybagg Yo and K. Michelle after he said he doesn't know her and never spoke to her!


K. Michelle Calls Locals Bombs After Responding to Ongoing Feud & Backlash (Posted By @Saycheesetv)



Moneybag Yo Goes 0ff & Responds To K Michelle Calling His New Lambo “Rented”



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