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Lil Webbie Savage Life 6 Release Date Set for Oct,16th 20/20

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Beep whatever you may heard when relating to gangsta music! Oct, 16th the real deal Holyfield 12 round bout presents itself.

SWEET JONES JR Trillfam's very on Lil Webbie is delivering his EP entitled Savage Life 6 and rap critics are already rating the album to be a TKO.

On Oct, 16th Lil Webbie aka SWEET JONES JR is sure to land a couple hits with this album knocking his opponents straight to the apron.

Lil Webbie Back to The Bubble [Mixtape] Savage life 6 only gossip's at a few of his hit bangers and presents some of his pre-tracks. Webbie announced Savage life 6 release date on his verified instagram account.


Account Verified

🔜OCT 16 20/20..🇺🇸IZUP 👆🏽..LIK AH GOLF BALL 🏌🏽‍♂️#savagelife6🔥 ..#savagelife 💯WHICH ALBUM DO YOU👈🏽 THINK WAS BEST ⁉️1,2,3,4,or 5 ..#tag AN ARTIST THAT U FEEL COULD MAKE THE TOP 10 COUNTDOWN 🔥 R.I.P PIMP C 🙏🏽 @therealtrillent@supa_unit#ihaveadream#savage_life_radio📻#BackToTheBubbles6



OCT 16 20/20 - IZUP



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