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Reality Podcast Rap Star DJ Blingg Reviles Trademark Registration & Covid-19 Guidelines

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

DJ Blingg Spill the Beans After Getting Company Logo Trademarked

The reality podcast rap disk jockey is not holding back any unfired ammo after spilling the beans for his future business adventurer he says he has in mind for his entertainment networks and all of its affiliates with BlastfM Blog & Radio and all other good deeds to whom are affiliated.

Publicists for BlastfM Blogs have recorded that CEO DJ Blingg is back in the office finalizing BlastfM's trademark logo as the party presumes on with their 2nd attempt with the USPTO to get its company logo established & trademarked.

The company's first attempt take place in mid July of 2019, on Oct 23, 2019 all listed correspondents for BLASTFM trademark had received an email stating that the trademark could reach an abandoned statue if it's not represented before, May 18, 2020.

Miraculously, COVID-19 would act to put a stop to the proceedings in such an event would happen. This means that the USPTO had refused BLASTFM trademark application unless the party would respond to the Office Action in which was ordered almost six months after filling date, DJ Blingg would state a major loss for his business entities who may discredit him if deals are not met. DJ Blingg states that he's done all he could for the logo and falling back would only signifiy defeat.


USPTO announces COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Pilot Program for small and micro entities

DJ Blingg says he'll go toe to toe for BLASTFM Blog's even going the extra mile stating he's even tried reaching out to the USPTO attorney examiner which was recommended from the URL's website FAQ page only to leave countless unanswered voice messages and even submitted an appeal to the board for reconsideration of the refusals of the trademark.


Five Impactful USPTO Procedural Developments for Patent Practitioners

We Care Kids Count Nonprofit Organization is said to be the centerfold of BlastFM in its preparations for doing good while creating a brand for its social media platform with no restraints to radio broadcasting.



A non-final Office action has been sent (issued) to the applicant for the BlastFM Trademark logo. This is a letter from the examining attorney requiring additional information and/or making an initial refusal.

The applicant must respond to this Office action. To view all documents and updates in this file, click on the Trademark Document Retrieval link at (


TMIN News 14: Response to Office Action






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