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Rick Ross Steps Down on Birdman 'Clear Your Debt and Pay up'

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Rick Ross Steps Down on Birdman telling him to clear his Debts with lil Wayne and Pay up


"Boy, you a year late and five years late paying that man his money. Pay that man his money. We know you ain't right, stop with the chokes nigga bring that shit baby, Bring it."

Rick Ross Tells Birdman To Pay Lil Wayne! "Go & Get A Loan And Pay

Rick Ross released his album Rather You Than Me on Thursday night and it's already making headlines on hip hop blogs, specifically for the two people he dissed: Nicki Minaj & Birdman. Ross took shots at Birdman on the song "Idols Become Rivals".

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Rick Ross - Rather You Than Me (Full Album) [Deluxe]


Lil Wayne Reacts to Rick Ross Post

At odds with Baby for a few years now, Birdman's former son-figure Lil Weezy has since reacted to the song. Weezy seems to be grateful that Ross spoke up about his issues with the Cash Money CEO.

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