[Exclusive Video] "Nique Tha Reepa's House Raided by Birmingham Police

Updated: May 27, 2020

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There's been a slight discrepancy in the studio of GTMGR as of lately, thereof it's been some grid over which member spits the dopest rap bars when it comes to delivering lyrics and sound.

GTMGR label-mates DJ Blingg & Freak Nique along with "Trap Starts" number one runner '1st Lady' has proven to be very competitive and always driven for that number one spot.

Now ballots are in and polls are closed, erratically fans awarded GTMG member Freak Nique for his 'Best in Lyricist' after delivering his [LP] "I'm Just Saying" which was recorded sum years ago and still seems to be crawling to the top of our blog charts.

Don't like This!... Well Good, Nique Has Proved His Sound Is Ear Candy so You Can Bite It If You Wanna

The day one member of GTMG, "NiqueThaRreepa" now formerly known as his new defined character Freak Nique has very well genuinely shown his talents when it comes to writing & recording music.

DJ Blingg speaks with GTMG Blog & Radio

​"Good talent don't go unnoticed, We try to let our team know how we appreciate and respect their craft, I'm very enthused by the hard work and energy we all put into our brand. I see a bright future for up and coming musicians that follows and respect hard work".

Big congratulations to Nique...