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Video Surface from the R&B Singer Tyrese Apparently, Kidnapping Comedian Michael Blackson

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Warning This content may contain material that may be inappropriate for some

Video Has Surface from the R&B Singer Tyrese Apparently Kidnapping Comedian Michael Blackson.Video Surfaces: Michael Blackson KIDNAPPED by Tyrese and His Gang


The feud started just weeks ago after Tyrese posted a host of videos pouring out about his custody battle with his ex-wife and apparently, social media was not happy about it.

According to TMZ, the video has gone viral of Michael Blackson being held 'mob style' by Tyrese and his crew and they may be holding Blackson against his will at Tyrese mansion.

Michael Blackson announced that Tyrese has been traded to the Light Skin Nigga Association

Michael Blackson took to social media to put the singer on blast only to make fun of Tyrese's video 'taunting him as he was going through a very hard time'.

Blackson mention in this video that Tyrese was not apart of the dark-skinned family.


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