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Birmingham’s 95.7 Jamz “Nyte Lyfe Junkie Host" Young Dil Gets into a Rumble with Fans

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

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To Be (or) Not to Be Country, That's the Question?

Apparently the Nyte Lyfe Junkie host Young Dil of 95.7 Jamz in Birmingham, Alabama got into a rumble with two intoxicated females at a well-known karaoke bar located on the southside of Birmingham which landed the popular radio host on YouTube.

Young Dil of 95.7 Jamz gets assaulted by two females in Birmingham, Al

Although it’s unclear as to what really took place or what was said that may have triggered the two lovely ladies to behave in such a manner, We still got our respect and love for our Country Cuzzo and which he’s always putting his life in harm's way just for the love and sake of the good old (205).

Young Dil – On-air personality, JAMZ 95.7, Birmingham, AL


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The Faze-Off

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