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R. Kelly Charged Fans $100 for a 28-Second Performance at a Club in Illinois

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Over the weekend, R. Kelly decided to jump back on Instagram to plead with the public and media to "take it easy"


R. Kelly Tells Media To Take It Easy As He Performs In Illinois

Before his club appearance over the weekend, R. Kelly asks the media to take it easy on him when he's at his event in Springfield, Illinois.


Robert Sylvester Kelly, known professionally as R. Kelly seem to have a target on his back with his old flames tarnishing the R&B singer as to being a Master Manipulator and accusing him of holding a half of dozen woman hostage in his home in Atlanta and Chicago.

R. Kelly has denied all allegations stating that he's held at least six different women against their will and since then have not looked back nor shown any emotions following those allegations indicating that he's highly over the bull sh*t and which his accusers seem to be wanting something from nothing.

Kelly is still on tour and showing no signs of being distress and in good spirits despite all allegations via social media.

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