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Trap Star’s 1st Lady & DJ Blingg Unleashes Vintage EP Entitled “Grudge”

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

DJ Blingg Says He'll Go over the Limits to Get Their EP Heard!


Celebrating their third wedding anniversary DJ Blingg and his label-mate 1st Lady joined forces to unleash vintage audio from their Trap Stars Mixtape pro-folio released exclusively on the blogs.


“While hanging out in the studio after putting some old records through some limiters and compressors just to enhance the sound a little, trembling with some high and low peaks we were finally able to get the re-mastered mix to sound as it was originally supposed to be heard & felt on a bigger sound scale”


↓↓Stream 'Grudge' [EP] Down Below↓↓

It’s understood that the EP “Grudge” was recorded some time ago but it did not make the mastering deadline which got the EP put on hold and somehow got dropped from the rap trio's mixtape project.

GTMGR Trap Stars rap trio DJ Blingg 1st Lady & Nique all took charge laying down spontaneous bars and hooks forming an all and one rap group that has no limits.

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