BlastFM Blogs & Reality Podcast Host Weighs in on Trina's Comment Over #BLM Protest!

Updated: Jun 23


Trina steps down big on rioters & looters are "animals ... acting like they have escaped from a zoo" ... she says they're over-shadowing non-violent protesters.

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Wednesday, rapper Trina sent backlash sharing her opinion on protests against police brutality in Miami saying that the protests are good, but the riots and looting in her community are bad, in part, because those causing the damage aren't from there.

Trina adamantly makes it clear that she has no issue with non-violent protests, saying she's peacefully protested herself, but still sees a big problems with folks kicking in windows, burning down buildings and looting in her community.

Trick Daddy filibusters her comments in regards to the majority in concept suggesting that we have to start from somewhere and order for us to be heard.

BlastFM Blogs & Reality Podcast Host Weighs in on Trina's Comment Over BLM Protest!

The reality podcast host DJ Blingg went to twitter to rant at rapper Trina after hearing her #BLM protest rant during "The Trick N' Trina Morning Show" 99Jamz

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