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Rap Mogul DJ Blingg Gets Attacked By Critics Over Social Media Post

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Podcast Rap Mogul DJ Blingg Say He's Been Targeted By Critics


DJ Blingg says he's being attacked by critics after a said to be discriminatory violation tweet came from his Twitter handle stating he did not want cornballs listing to his music which BlastFM Blog and Radio say is in violation of his discriminatory clause.

The podcast rap DJ would have stated in a Twitter post that he did not want [quote] cornballs listening to his music in so many words had caused an uproar amongst BlastFM Blog & Radio Twitter handle.

Some may think of DJ Blingg as being a creative artist & music producer from a little small town where really nothing happens for young entertainers...

Although his content can be raw and vulgar at times, nevertheless when it's his music facing criticism trust and believe that the reality podcast DJ is going to set the whole record straight.


Rap critics tap in on cap wanting to know the scoop behind one of DJ Blingg's exclusive records entitled "Water Whippin", being that he’s a proud sponsor of an anonymous rehab program for addiction and recovering drug users critics puts the rapping DJ on full blast after doing a review on the rap labels content.


Ghetto Tunes Music Group |Recordings published the record exclusively to BlastFM Blog & News Feed to serenade all of his junkies with ads and urban funk.

BlastFM Blog & Radio is bringing the question to the forefront after asking if his LP "Water Whippin” condone and promote the distribution of drugs and/or promote the use of narcotics and alcohol to his listeners?




Water Whippin - (Hook) Lyrics

"Water Whippin"

"Water Whippin"

"Water Whippin"

Out da Pot,

"Water works place your order, trappin hard up out'cha spot"



"First off I don't gotta explain my content to M*herFu**ers I'm not even marketing too so get'cha straight"!!

DJ Blingg Opening & Closing Remarks:​​

“And no way does my organization condone the sale of any narcotics and/or drugs.”
“I think it's just my lingo that connects well with my audience and high hopes of my fans getting something outta nothing”
“Water Whippin was a record that I self produced put my female artist ‘1st Lady’ on the tunes and we had fun mixing the record that was it.”
“There was no vulgar content and/or violent thought in mind when I was recording the entire record and I would not take back nothing I said”

DJ Blingg Ending quote with a smirk on his face

“Might I mention, fans make sure you join our mailing list on the Entertainment Center website home page”



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