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Reality Podcast Disc Jockey, DJ Blingg Takes BlastfM Blogs by Storm: Snatch It Out - EP Full Review & New Exclusives

Updated: Jun 22

"Interview with Reality Podcast DJ Blingg: How He's Making Waves on BlastfM Blogs"

Blog-in with Reality Podcast Rap Disc Jockey, DJ Blingg as He Delivers His New Podcast EP Album Entitled 'Snatch It Out' Exclusively With BlastFM Blog & Radio, Always #1 For Reality Hip-Hop & Rap Entertainment News & Blogs


DJ Blingg — Hit’Cha Right Back | Bonus Track & (Music Video)

"Curious if the New Exclusive Full EP is Worth Subscribing to? Discover the Verdict in Our Exclusive EP Review Hosted by The Reality Podcast's DJ Blingg!"

DJ Blingg aims to establish himself as one of the top solo male hip-hop artists to surface on the underground Richter scale digitally since the resurgence of hip hop in the late-mid 2000s, a time when lyricism was undervalued for commercial gain in the underground music scene.

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For Full Album Stroll Below

Just a few weeks after releasing his innovative "Store Runnas" Album & EP tape, DJ Blingg from The Reality Podcast Entertainment Network impressively demonstrates his lyrical skills and metaphors in a 30-minute album & LP containing 17 tracks, solidifying his words both on and off the record.


Without a doubt, DJ Blingg's unrestricted wordplay on the mic is free from any grudges, making this his most controversial album to date according to critics.


Reporting live from the gutter reality podcast disc jockey, DJ Blingg brings a classic gangster vibe of music to represent for his music style and loyal fan who have stood by him through thick and thin, always remaining true and supporting him during tough times hypes up his pimped-out if ever so gangsta flavor repping for his genre and his day-ones in dedication for never switching up or folding acknowledging growth amongst the journey with his hitter's in the trenches.


DJ Blingg - Snatch It Out EP Review

Seems like the reality podcast rap disc jockey has put together yet another mixtape portraying a possible
follow-up project entitled "Snatch It Out".

According to his Twitter handle the disc jockey has released quite a few jams stacked with loads of new music videos over the past several weeks confirming only one thing with BlastFM Blogs.

Don't Downplay Yourself, Get Exclusive Exclusively with MUSIC Entertainment, Blog News & Promo Gear _ Stream DJ Blingg's latest Entertainment Podcast - Full Album Below.

DJ Blingg & King B **AFG** - Club Rock (Music Video)

Browse Below to Listen

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Let The Controversy Began!!


The original composer of reality podcast rap confidently identifies himself as a pioneer in the funk and G-Funk genre. He proudly presents his latest box office album, a powerful addition to his acclaimed podcast rap EP. The new original mixtape, titled "Snatch It Out," showcases his unparalleled talent and creativity.


Bow down to the funk emperor! The OG mastermind behind the reality podcast rap scene is basically strutting around like he's the king of funky beats and G-Funk vibes. He just dropped another fire album to join his epic podcast rap collection.





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