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Updated: Jun 4

Blog-in with Reality Podcast Rap Disc Jockey, DJ Blingg as He Delivers His New Podcast EP Album Entitled 'Snatch It Out' Exclusively With BlastFM Blog & Radio, Always #1 For Reality Hip-Hop & Rap Entertainment News & Blogs


DJ Blingg - Snatch It Out (Single)

"Is the New Exclusive Full EP Worth Subscribing for? Find Out in Our Exclusive EP Review Hosted by Reality Podcast Disc Jockey, DJ Blingg!"


DJ Blingg destines himself towards being considered in such an event, one of the most elite solo male hip-hop artists to emerge on the underground Richter scale digitally since the recreation ages of hip hop in the late-mid 2000 era when lyricist was being dragged & downplayed to sell music abroad the underground market.

DJ Blingg cools down the Summer with a Chris Brown Remix & Feature!!

Only weeks in from delivering his groundbreaking "Store Runnas" Album & EP tape, The Reality Podcast Disc Jockey, DJ Blingg shows off his pedigree lyrically showcasing his talents along with his metaphors socking it to a half-an-hour album & [LP] laced with17 tracks to back up every word he says on and off the record.


No cap, DJ Blingg's no-holds-barred, iron-man fist-fight on the microphone in the recording booth has no resentments for whatever he says during his what critics call his' most controversial album to date' entitled "Snatch It Out", testing his faith of outcome practiced in a Hip Hop culture so given to entertain.

Reporting live from the gutter reality podcast disc jockey, DJ Blingg kicks some ol' gangsta flavor repping for his genre and his day-ones whom he honors in dedication for never switching up or folding on him during the struggling times faithfully staying the same acknowledging growth amongst the journey with his hitter's in the trenches.


DJ Blingg - Snatch It Out EP Review

Seems like the reality podcast rap disc jockey has put together yet another mixtape portraying a possible
follow-up project entitled "Snatch It Out".

According to his Twitter handle the disc jockey has released quite a few jams stacked with loads of new music videos over the past several weeks confirming only one thing with BlastFM Blogs.

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Let The Controversy Began!!


The original composer of reality podcast rap fairly has considered himself one of the emperors of the funk and G-Funk genre & has composed another box office album to add to his self-profane podcast rap EP entitling another original mixtape "Snatch It Out".





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