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Reality Podcast Rap Star DJ Blingg Vouches for Boosie Badazz Racial Discrimination Rant on IG

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Reality Podcast Rap Star DJ Blingg Say He’s Vouching for Boosie Badazz Racial Discrimination Rant on IG After Relating Saying His Account Hashtag Was Banned Without First Being Filtered Stating Discrimination Played As A Result Of A Substantial Loss In Gaining New Followers


The podcast rap DJ stands behind rapper Boosie Badazz after vouching saying he too was targeted by Instagram maliciously over content at play on his user account. DJ Blingg argues his hashtag #Boxchevyfever was banned over unreasonable default which crushed his hopes and dreams of gaining followers and networking with many other elite account users.


Although hashtags are not one of the biggest trends on the internet, they are still considered without a doubt to be a very useful tool which allows people to collate related data connecting it across different channels.

Once that data is picked up it then begins cutting through some of the noise generated by social media’s immense popularity which allows like minded users to engage in such.



DJ Blingg took to Twitter to do a little ranting of his own targeting the network for all of its many years of backlash and down-play held on their account since day one. It seems as Boosie Badazz has had enough of the bull with Instagram also and as a result is taking actions into his own hands.

The Louisiana rap star says he's tired of Instagram banning his accounts and which he's now planning to take legal action against the photo-sharing site. Boosie let his rant be known to the world on Thursday, September 17. Badazz then added that he’d call his lawyer Drew Findling to help him win the case.

Audio: DJ Blingg Vouches for Boosie Badazz Racial Discrimination Rant on IG


Instagram Make Notices of Mishaps





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