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Rick Ross Get Rap Snack Chips Deal, Sweet Chilli Lemon Pepper-Flavor

Updated: Jul 4, 2023


Ricky Rozay has partnered with “The Official Snack of Hip Hop,” and introduces a new product, Sweet Chilli Lemon Pepper-flavored potato chips. The announcement of the new tasty snack chip brand also marks the start of a multi-product brand partnership with Ross.

The South Florida native is the head of Maybach Music Group. Rozay also owns several Wingstop and Checkers franchises. Additionally, sources recently reported on Ross’s new deal with Jetdoc healthcare provider.

Rick Ross is known for playing in the big leagues adding his business relationship with Rap Snacks to his growing list of money-making opportunities.

"The goal is to be rich forever."


"The goal is to be rich forever."


“Our partnership with Rick Ross marks an exciting time for the Rap Snacks brand as we continue to expand nationally and bolster our distribution footprint. Rick Ross’ business acumen and contribution to the culture is the perfect recipe for what we’re developing next, as we introduce new flavor profiles and innovative products,” said James Lindsay, CEO of Rap Snacks.



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