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Rick Ross Tops BlastFM Blog Charts Living His Best Life on His 87 Acres Nicknamed “The Promise Land”

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Rapper Rick Ross is enjoying every moment of his prestigious wealth sharing his knowledge for whom defined and conquered great success had vanquished his very own success in the music industry, sight out to be the biggest boss in the entertainment industry critics calls it the Pulitzer to great achievements.

Rozay defines his ambition quite frankly as being a hustler of all trades releasing numerous musical albums collecting vintage cars and most recently adding his agricultural 86 acre real estate to his lavish portfolio.




Rick Ross “Richer Than I Ever Been” -Full Album Review Below

Rick Ross says his new album, Richer Than I Ever Been, is his most personal project to date. After delivering flaming hot bars, newly fresh collaborations, and trusting in his empire the process he followed in order to create his LP, Ricky Rozay prospective surly has the blueprint for living richer than you ever been.




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