Less then 24 hours ago, Mass Appeal published a interview on rapper Future. "It Never Happened", says Future, while staring at the floor and rubbing has eyes and not so much and tune with his interviewer when asked, "Lastly: What A Time To Be Alive?," he answers, "It never happened, you know what I mean, it never happened." That's it.

Meanwhile, viewers were unable to understand the content from the video. Other fans are in rage saying, they are getting tired of the 'Future as a misunderstood artist card, while others are saying, Future just gone off that lean. We all know Future and Drake dropped a collab album titled (WATTBA), so our understanding would be, it's just not sunken in that he's worked with Drake yet!

Whatever the case maybe, GTMG| Blog's got love for Future, so we certainly ain't going to make something out of nothing with this. We can just hope and wait on some new music from Future to clear the air. #ItNeverHappend

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