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Rapper T.I Does Stand-Up Joke About How He Found Out King Was in Jail

"From Rapper to Comedian: T.I.'s Hilarious Stand-Up Set About King's Jail Time"

Rumors has it rapper T.I's been working on his stand-up comedy after catching some laughs while on set at comedy lounge delivering a his punchline joke about when he found out about his son King going to Jail.


Rapper T.I does Stand-Up Joke about how he found out his son King was in jail."Me & Boosie was on the phone like 2 single mother worried about our son".


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“Listen to first generation of trap music, people like me, Jeezy, Yo Gotti, you know what I’m saying?” began the Atlanta native.
“We were rapping about things we had done, got away with, and moved on. You hear me? You listen to these new-age trap music [rappers], they talkin’ bout sh*t they finna do tomorrow, you feel what I’m saying?”

"From Rapper to Comedian: T.I.'s Hilarious Stand-Up Joke About Finding Out King Was in Jail"

"What's the Role of Humor in Rapper T.I's Stand-Up Routine About King's Jail Time?"




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