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'You Was Cool Until You Got Married'

Updated: Mar 28, 2021


If you recently just gotten married then you probably have been introduced to a brand new kind of lifestyle.

The friends you use to have before you got married abandon you completely because of your rebellious ways toward the friendship due to your new relationship status.


Social Life

Your social life has come to a complete halt because none of your friends wants to see nor hear any of your corny marriage stories, now you find yourself going on boring dates, having awful movie nights with no happy endings.

Then again, you may found yourself sitting in church with a gang of coons feeling displaced and out of tune with who you really are as opposed to who you're becoming.

The things you once enjoyed while being a bachelor and/or a single woman have now been detained and concealed while new plans and agendas are orchestrated by your spouse.

Let's face it, we all know marriage is a one-way street and it's designed to please only one person's interest fooling the public eye signifying that marriage is the best thing since the sun and the moon.

Giving your all to one person can be a very distressful task at hand and most of the time you would just be considered unappreciated and undervalued. "What a sad story".

The Big Picture:

You were cool until you got married, most of the time men’s masculinity allows them to submit to a woman superior only because of their woman values, emotions, insecurities & lack of reasoning are among the highest ranks of anxiety.

Men channeling in all those emotions and trying to play it cool is a tab bit more than what he’d bargained. Now it's a matter of keeping his cool status or being what they call a lame jeopardizing, his/her character in the public eye.


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