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Pizza Hut "Pie Tops Sneaker’s" for Smart Phone Users Are Back

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Pizza Hut revealed the new Pie Tops II, which features Bluetooth technology to allow its wearers to order pizza by pressing a button on their shoes.

New this year for the Pie Tops shoe lovers: a button on the tongue of the left shoe capable of pausing live TV so you won't miss anything when your pizza is delivered.

PieTops II features include a patent leather marinara splash, cheese grater mesh sides and gold lace tips. Oh and they order your pizza and pause your TV.


Pizza Hut rolls out there latest marketing gimmick, "Pie Tops sneakers".

Each pair of shoes reportedly contains a Bluetooth device that syncs up with the Pizza Hut mobile app, allowing users to order a pre-selected pizza (or the default Supreme Pizza) just by pressing on the shoe’s tongue.

Yeah... That's right, just with the press of a button, you'll have a $7.99 large Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza sent wherever these shoes go.

Only a limited number of the shoes will be available to the public.

Pizza Hut has not released details on how or when to get your hands on these Pie Tops, Nobody out pizza's the Hut...

Last year, Pizza Hut launched the first edition of Pie Tops, but only made the shoes available through a special promotion.

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